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About us

Since 1986, CDS Plastics has been a family owned and operated precision machine shop with a specific focus on engineered plastic materials and soft metals.









At CDS, our machinists are experienced with various materials. We are well-versed in machining soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and bronze.

Smart Machine

CDS Plastics' newest purchase is a Smart Machine lathe. The Smart Machine Lathe we purchased has live tooling and twin spindles. We are now able to complete a broader variety of parts in a single operation.

Cam Software

CDS Plastics is now using cam software from CAD-CAM. Cam Software is Computer-Aided Manufacturing and essentially helps our programmers communicate with our drawing software and CNCs more effectively. This software helps produce complex parts more efficiently.

Material Blanks

CDS Plastics can also distribute sheet, rod, and tube forms of material cut into blanks and discs. Please send us an RFQ or reach out with any questions.

New Warehouse Space

CDS Plastics has acquired a second warehouse location, adjacent to our current facility, that we are using for storage of stocked blanket orders, spare parts, and additional material storage.

The extra bay has also given us more space for expansion in our shipping department and provides a nice staging area for large volume material racking.

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