CNC Milling of Acetal & Delrin Plastic Inserts

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Drawing on our experience with working with food grade, metal detectable plastics, CDS Plastics, Inc. produces the inserts (pellet inserts or Wolfking inserts) used in Wolfking 250 mm meat grinders. Utilizing the customer supplied print and 2D CAD drawing, our skilled technicians developed the mill profile and slotting operations required to produce the 1.995" x .980" x .392" part to within ±.002" tolerances. Fabricated from FDA-approved acetal and Delrin® 150 in white, green, and blue, the inserts are made available individually, in sets of four, with blanket orders also available.

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CNC Milling of Acetal
& Delrin Inserts
CNC Milling of Acetal & Delrin Inserts

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CNC Milling of Acetal & Delrin Plastic Inserts Project Highlights

Product Description
These Acetal & Delrin Plastic Inserts were CNC Milled for use within Wolfking 250mm Meat Grinders
Capabilities Applied/Processes   CNC Milling
  • Mill Profile & Slot
Overall Acetal & Delrin Plastic Insert Dimensions (Pellet Inserts or Wolfking Inserts)  
Length: 1.955"
Width: .980"
Height: .392"
Tightest Tolerances   ±.002"
Material Used   Acetal
Delrin 150
Material Finish  
Features   Can be Manufactured from Metal Detectable Material
Industry for Use   Meat Processing
Quantity   Sold in Sets of 4 or Individually
Blanket Orders Available
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
FDA Approved Material
Product Name   Acetal & Delrin Inserts

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